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M.S. Holm M. S. HOLM was born in Boston and raised in New England. After attending Dartmouth College, he worked variously as a dishwasher, taxi driver, dockhand, and substitute teacher. He is the author of the Moonbeam Award winning When Your School Bus Goes to Mexico and the novel How Mohammed Saved Miss Liberty, recipient of the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award. M.S. Pickerel MILES STANDISH PICKEREL lived with his mother until he was thirty-six. After brief engagements as an adulterous husband, a dead- beat dad, and a larcenous employee, he unsuccessfully impersonated a cardiologist, a cattle rustler, and a visiting dignitary from Guyana. Currently, he's at work on the century's first compendium of Mexican mechanics. He lives anonymously in an unnamed city south of the twenty-fifth parallel. He may or may not answer emails sent to poorgringo@sentrybooks.com.
Hermelinda VargasDANIEL SANCHEZ-LEONETTI was raised in the Hispanic coal mining town of Sopris, Colorado. He attended the University of Denver on an English Scholarship and graduated in 1979. He has worked as a sports editor and freelance writer for newspapers and magazines in the American Southwest. His most recent screenplay, The Woodpecker Waltz, is in development with Keller Entertainment. Currently he is at work on a second novel set in his beloved southern Colorado.   SUSAN SAY-LESS claims she was born on the next to the last day of the year in the same town in New Hampshire as Phineas Quimby. When not performing standup comedy, playing her tsabouna, or illustrating books.
  Hermelinda Vargas H. VARGAS was born and raised in Mexico. She is the founder of Escuela Javier Alonso Vargas, a nonprofit elementary school in the Villa de Ahome, Sinaloa. She is the author of Planeación Escolar, an educator's guide to curricular activities. Ms. Vargas lives in a mango and avocado orchard with many cats and her two dogs, Charlie and Mon-Noir.