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Off The Well-Lit Path
Off The Well-Lit Path
By: M. S. Holm
Paperback Price:$14.00
Trim Size:5"x 8.25"

“A thrilling and moving story of love and desperation” — Kirkus

Carjacked in Mexico by highway gunmen, an American tourist is shot and left for dead, his teenage daughter abducted. He awakens in a local hospital with one foot, no money or identification, and no trace of his daughter. His search to find her sets in motion a chain of violence that blurs the line between what a man does in the name of redemption and what he does for revenge.

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By: M. S. Holm
Paperback Price:$12.00
Trim Size:5.25" x 8"

—A taut, literary descent into the world of dirt, death, and drilling.

Retch Barter waits on a waterless ranch for a driller to sink his well. Come to Mexico in bad company and running from a sordid past, Retch lives with Dolores Anguamea, a dark-skinned woman whose history is as scarred as her pockmarked face. While Retch stakes his future on the arrival of the driller, Dolores waits for a chance to quit the godforsaken ranch.

Driller speaks to the hopelessness of redemption and the sinister power of desire.

Reader discretion advised.

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Joe And The UFO
Joe And The UFO
An American Folk Tale

By: Daniel Sanchez-Leonetti
Paperback Price:$9.50
Trim Size:6" x 9"

A flying saucer crashes in the meadow of Joe Lucky's ranch. When Joe hauls the UFO into his barn with his tractor, he sets in motion a series of wild and wacky events that threaten to launch World War III. Everyone wants the UFO - the Air Force, the Army, the CIA. And all of them come to the San Miguel Valley to claim it.

With San Miguel’s citizens clamoring for him to give up the UFO, Joe wants to believe there is something good inside the downed spacecraft. Only later, after the little Hispanic town is overrun with tourists, the media, and UFO enthusiasts, do the citizens of San Miguel realize what Joe is trying to do - prompting them to rise up and protect their new folk hero.

"There are important lessons to be learned in reading this novel. Joe and the UFO is unequivocally one of the best first novels, ranking right up there with Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat and John Nichol's The Milagro Beanfield War. The story is a masterful representation of right and wrong, the need to love and believe, and certainly, the ability to laugh at our own foibles and shortcomings."
The Chronicle News

"It's a tale of hope, love, greed, envy and power . . . and follows what happens when a flying saucer crashes at Joe Lucky's ranch and he hauls it into his barn with his tractor. The tangle of events set in motion by Joe’s decision to shelter the UFO results in 'a proverbial wild and wacky World War III.'"
The Pueblo Chieftain

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The Poor Gringo Guide to Mexican Cooking
The Poor Gringo Guide to Mexican Cooking
By: M.S. Pickerel
Hard Cover Price:$19.95
Paperback Price:$12.00
Trim Size:6" x 9"
Number of Illustrations:50
Illustrated by Susan Say-less

“Hilarious ... A Mexican Joy of Cooking run amuck...” – ¡Buen Provecho!
“...Disgraceful ... a desecration of Mexico and its cuisine ... this gringo should be shot and deported ...” – Former Mexican ambassador to Tuvalu
“A crazy gringo with a recipe for skullduggery ...” – The Chili Insider
“Sebastian Dangerfield meets Diana Kennedy ... A bean burrito will never taste the same ...” – Gourmand Magazine

Meet Miles Standish Pickerel: bamboozler, American ne'er-do-well, and poor gringo extraordinaire. Newly divorced, culinarily clueless, and living in Mexico with his faithful canine companion, Ladrón, he shamelessly prepares traditional Mexican cuisine from low-cost (or no-cost) ingredients. If Miles Pickerel can't raise it, trap it, steal it, borrow it, pick it, or run it over, he doesn't put it in his pot. Neighborhood strays and local farmers beware. His recipes redefine the meaning of eating cheap in Mexico. They include:

Suicide Hen Stingray Soup
Aztec Soup Fired Tequila Goat
Cortez-on-Foot Burritos Run-over Rooster
Shrimp Head Omelet Unholy Mole
Soused Marlin Cabbage Cakes
Hibiscus Cooler Thin Beer Crêpes

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How Mohammed Saved Miss Liberty
National Best Books Award How Mohammed Saved Miss Liberty
By: M.S. Holm
Paperback Price:$12.00
Trim Size:6" x 9"
Number of Illustrations:2
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After 9/11, life in small town Ohio changes for fourteen-year old Mohammed and his family. Their masjid is desecrated. The family business is boycotted. At middle school, he becomes the object of anti-Muslim taunts and threats. On top of this, his trip to New York City with the Young Engineers Club is cancelled. Seeing New York has been Mohammed's boyhood dream. He already knows more about Manhattan than any other kid in the club. He is also an expert on the Statue of Liberty. He knows Miss Liberty better than he knows prepositions, polygons, or his state capitols.

When the Young Engineer's trip is unexpectedly rescheduled, Mohammed finds himself in New York with a chance to see her at last. However, the statue is closed to the public. The club wants to see Ground Zero. Has he come this far to ignore a dream? Breaking all the rules, he makes it to Liberty Island where an extraordinary event unfolds—The Saving of Miss Liberty.


       "... The soggy landfill of Liberty Island shook with the cataclysmic shudder of a tall building driving itself into the ground ..." 

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When Your School Bus Goes to Mexico<br /><em>Cuando Tu Cami&oacute;n Escolar Se Va a M&eacute;xico</em>
When Your School Bus Goes to Mexico
Cuando Tu Camión Escolar Se Va a México
A Bilingual Book

By: M.S. Holm
Hard Cover Price:$17.95
Paperback Price:$9.95
Trim Size:8" x 10"
Number of Illustrations:17
Illustrated by Hermelinda Vargas

2010 Moonbeam Award Winner

Sara and her brother Jett are the last kids on their school bus the afternoon it breaks down on the road. While they wait for another bus to take them home, Joe, their bus driver, offers to tell the children a story–a story about an old school bus.

So begins When Your School Bus Goes to Mexico, a book that will delight and surprise you with its unexpected twists. Told in both English and Spanish, Joe's story follows the journey of an old school bus as it travels south of the border.

Sara y su hermano Jett son los últimos niños en el camión de la escuela la tarde que éste se descompone en el camino. Mientras esperan a otro camión para que los lleve a casa, Joe, el chofer del camión, se ofrece a contarles una historia–una historia sobre un viejo camión escolar.

Así comienza Cuando Tu Camión Escolar Se Va a México, un libro que te deleitará y sorprenderá con sus inesperados cambios. Contada en ambos Inglés y Español, la historia de Joe sigue el viaje de un viejo camión escolar mientras va por el sur de la frontera.

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The Arborist
The Arborist
By: M.S. Holm
Hard Cover Price:$16.95
Paperback Price:$11.95
Trim Size:5.5" x 8.5"
Number of Illustrations:11
Illustrated by Susana Sayles

It was the ugliest Christmas tree ever...until...

When eleven-year old Charlie Roebecker befriends Chief Goodyear, a homeless evacuee from a Gulf Coast hurricane, he is not expecting any miracles. As he says, "You can do only small things to fix a big problem."

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Chief Goodyear is an arborist - a fixer of trees. His arrival in Charlie’s town starts the boy on a mission to do what no one else in the town seems willing to do — to help the homeless stranger get a new start.

As Christmas nears, Charlie's family makes their annual trip to the tree lot where they choose the perfect Christmas tree - "So full and triangular it could have stood in the White House." Charlie brings home a scrawny little pine with a crooked trunk and no top - The Puny - which he plans to decorate and give to the Chief. Charlie's sister calls it "a sick, midget tree puked from the forest." His best friend says it's "creepy looking." But Charlie knows better. He has the imagination to see what the little tree might become. And in the hands of an arborist - who knows what could happen!

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Audio Titles

The Arborist
The Arborist
An Audio Book

By: M.S. Holm

Read by: Jamil Gaines
ISBN 978-0-9796199-6-0
2 CD Set
Recorded by Audiobrite

The Arborist tells the story of Charlie Roebecker, an eleven year old, small-town boy, who befriends a homeless evacuee from a Gulf Coast hurricane. This Christmas novella elaborates on the theme of modern charity. How do we treat those in need? Why are we more charitable to the unnamed masses than to those desperate, shabby individuals we skulk past in the streets?

                                                                 An inspiring holiday story mixing a modern flavor with the traditional miracle tale.